Mobile Multimedia - A New Peak For The Alpine Car Stereo

We all know that brand names matter when purchasing car audio hardware. There are brands that are surely more reputable than others. When you are at the store and they offer choice after choice after choice, suddenly you feel overwhelmed on what really to buy. But you can be assured of one thing, if they offer you an Alpine car stereo you can't go wrong with it.

Alpine car stereo and electronics, founded in 1978, is a world leader in the industry of high performance mobile electronics. They specialize in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation products for the mobile entertainment.

Alpine car stereos are a new breed of units which feature the convergence of high performance audio, video, navigation and telematics in the form of Mobile Multimedia. Navigation systems act as the resource

center of the Alpine car stereo Mobile Multimedia lineup. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), DVD players, Dolby Digital systems, satellite digital audio radio, mobile data linking and communication

through telematics devices will be fused with navigation systems to create a platform of products. Mobile Multimedia integrates Alpine's innovative audio, video, security and navigation products, as well as

its new GUI for Drivers, human interface and information communications technology.

To grasp what the Alpine car stereo Mobile Multimedia is, take a look at the IVA-D901 Alpine car stereo Mobile Multimedia Station/CD/DVD Receiver/Ai-NET Controller. The IVA-D901 has 400% more pixels than a conventional in-vehicle display, meaning that it has 1.15 million pixel elements. It has 50W x 4 built-in power and 3 PreOuts (4 volt), SAT Radio ready, a Hard Disc Drive (HDD), and Alpine car stereo Navigation. Key features include:

- 7" Fully Motorized Wide Screen Monitor

- 18W x 4 MOSFET Amplifier

- Built-in Dolby Digital/DTS Decoder

- Bass Engine® Plus

- Subwoofer Level Control

- Bass Center Frequency Control

- Bass Band Width Adjustment

- Treble Center Frequency Control

- Subwoofer Phase Selector

- Bass Type Control

- 4-Ch Digital Time Correction

- 3 Position 12 dB/Oct Crossover

- MediaXpander(TM)

- SAT Radio Ready

- MP3 Text Information Display

- Quick Search Function

- CD/CD-R Playback

- CD Text, Text Display, Text Scroll


- MaxTune SQ Tuner

- 3 Auxilliary A/V Inputs with Remote Control Input

- Dedicated Navigation Input

- Dedicated Camera Input

- 2 Auxilliary Monitor A/V Outputs

- Navigation Audio Mix

- 3 PreOuts (4 volt)

- MM Driver (Hard Disc Drive) Ready

- MobileHub Ready

- Ai-NET Control Center DVD/CD/MP3 Changer Controller

- "Digital Art" Spectrum Analyzer Display

- RUE-4190 Universal Wireless Remote Control Included

If these all seems too much for you, Alpine car stereos also have more conventional head units to offer. The CDA-9835 Alpine car stereo In-Dash CD Player/Ai-Changer Controller lets you fully customize both

illumination and sound, with a range of 512 colors and super-versatile Bass Engine functions like digital time correction and parametric EQ. You can download audio parameter settings and connect and control as many as eight amps. The BioLite display, Menu key and rotary knob make operation extremely easy.

Like most Alpine car stereo units, it is also SAT Radio Ready, giving you a much greater choice of listening options than ordinary local AM/FM radio. You can select from among a wide range of music genres, news, sports, and talk programs with digital quality anywhere.

Is Email Marketing Becoming the Marketing of the Past Because of Mobile?

Gmail: research from Return Path suggested Gmail ended 2010 with some 193 million users. This is just one email provider in the world of the internet. Gmail users may be more active, however. For example, email service provider Mail Chimp publishes the total number of emails they send to each of the major email address providers. The results for July 2011 saw Hotmail and Gmail addresses as the most "popular" in mailing lists, closely followed by Yahoo! Mail, with AOL way behind. I think the reason for this is because they are Free and you can get more than one when one of them get's to much you just stop using it.

Now this is just the start of where this will take us in the future because of mobile and how companies are racing to be the number one mobile connection and marketing portal in the world. All over the globe companies are taking advantage of the latest and greatest changes in technology that will move your business faster, more direct and to the most used media's today. The fast growing media today used to reach more people in the best way is through video. Yes ever since the creation of the television people can embrace visual and sound more than written words. This is seen just by the creation of a companies like Amazon and the marketing of Visual and audio books are the biggest sellers today. Also the creation of sites like I-tunes, and other sites on the internet that bring music, audio, video and more to the world with one click have become some of the biggest income producing companies on the planet. Just I-tunes alone has hit 500 million downloaded tune, books, and video's all for mobile devices.

In business it is becoming more common not to have their customers or their employees travel all over the world when they can have a world conference on a computer and have all of the same impact as being in the same place except for the sense of touch and smell. They have not figure this one and smell out yet but I will be somewhere in the world some technology company is trying to figure this one out.

Now for marketing for the small to average size business that do not have the large marketing budgets of the big corporations there are solutions. Technology companies realize they can make more money playing to the back bones companies of the world the small business than all the big companies combined. Simple or complex the programs are becoming more multi-tasking than ever before you can now not only send email to your customer but you can incorporate high impact and emotional pieces with video into it all without having to create a single piece of information.

The business owner today can implement a marketing campaign with just a few clicks of the button on their computer or their mobile device and now all of this can be sent to computers all over the globe or too mobile devices around the world all with one or two click. Let's take just on medium out their which we hear a lot about on the news or the internet "Social Media" I.e. Facebook, Twitter, My space, just to name a few there are actually hundreds of social media site on the internet. But let's just focus on this is the size of a country having twice as many members than the entire population of the United State of America. Today Facebook has over 600 million people worldwide and growing at around 100,000 per day at last estimate.

With the growth of Facebook and other social media sites they are all bring in two aspects that cannot be ignored today 'Video and Mobile" these two media combine the two most powerful forms of marketing ever created on the planet. Let's just take video first the third most visited site on the world is all about video. The number on part of You-tube is broadcast me which is where you can go and click with a camera and broadcast a video of you and what you are doing now. The world is now and will continue to be and instant gratification world we all want it now and we want it faster and faster than ever before in history.

When a Business owner combines Video and Print all in one and then places in on a mobile platform they transform their marketing into the fastest most visual and popular form of marketing today and it can reach more people in the shortest time frame ever. Want to see how this can be accomplished all you have to do is watch a video on some of these videos have had millions of views in a single week and the best part is once it is up there it is there for more people to watch it whenever and tell their friends about it. This is what is called going viral! Want your business to go viral or just deliver better quality content with more action and attraction than create a mobile video and tell your story to the world.

Let Marine Audio Help You Get the Sound You Want From Your Boat

Today mobile electronics aren't just for vehicles with wheels-you may instinctively think of car stereos when you hear about mobile audio shops, but many also offer marine audio to bring great sound to your boat! Whether you prefer surf the waves on a wakeboard or just soak up the sun on the deck, a marine audio system can help you enjoy great music while you're on the water.

Like aftermarket car audio systems, marine audio is usually made up of component electronics for great sound performance. Including speakers, subwoofers, decks, and amps, your boat's sound system can be customized for optimal performance that suits your listening style. One important thing to keep in mind is who will be listening to your music-especially if you tow wakeboarders, water-skiers, and tubers, you'll want rear-directed speakers so they can enjoy the tunes, too!

Marine video is even an option with today's exciting technology: whether you're interested in a GPS navigation system or a video monitor and DVD player to watch movies, your local mobile electronics shop can bring marine video to your boat.

Marine electronics have a number of challenges different from car audio, namely the presence of water! The most important thing about your boat stereo system is that it is correctly installed. While some components, such as marine speakers, can tolerate quite a bit of moisture, other parts of the system have to be kept dry. A professional marine audio installer can help design a system that ensures waterproof locations for vulnerable components as well as offering superior sound. They'll integrate your speakers and the rest of the sound system into your boat for attractive appearance as well as ideal performance.

Be on the lookout for car electronics shops that claim to install marine audio without the experience to back up that statement. You really don't want amateurs working on your system, and it really is a different application. Just because an installer can put a sound system in a car or truck doesn't mean they're qualified to install your marine audio system.

For correct, waterproof installation and the best performance, use a shop with experienced, trained marine audio technicians and marine grade components. You'll get aesthetically beautiful, functional results and a sound system you'll be able to enjoy for years!