Why Get Caught Up In Wires? Go Wireless With Your Audio

Tangles, knots and snags are things all too familiar among music listeners who use headphones, whether on the go or in house. And if you haven't been caught up in wires yet, I ask "how have you been avoiding them?"

Accessibility to music, at anytime and anywhere, has been implemented and expanded at a tremendous rate in the past few years. Technologically, the music industry and their affiliates became acutely aware of their 'up to speed' target market and evolved into a rather tech-savvy, mobilized machine.

Around every street corner, little shop nooks and amidst the swarm of public transportation, the iPod revolution is thriving; wires are everywhere. With this revolution's own pulse, it's almost impossible not to tap into the booming innovations currently offered. But, before you join in on the current beating of this iPod and headphone drum, consider your options: dealing with wires or roaming free.

Tangles, Knots and Snags

Headphones with wires, it's the one thing about making music mobile that's a bit constricting. And when they're not tugging and pulling from inside your coat or pants pocket, they're dangling loosely, prone to catch a passing finger, plant or pedestrian. And who wants the hassle of dealing with a random snag when you're on the go or in a rush?

There are some advantages to being wired though:

  • Connections Are Definite and Clear - You know when and if you're connected to your iPod or music player. And if there's an issue where you hear nothing, an unplugging probably occurred and you obviously know how to fix it.
  • No Digital Connections To Rely On - Although digital connections for wireless headphones allot no tangles and free-roaming, they're not always that reliable. Many things are possible to go wrong with digital connections: a connection can be limited in it's range, can fade out or just completely drop. Whereas, with wired headphones, they're mobile everywhere and reliant solely on connection to the headphone jack on your music playing device.

Wired headphones get the job done and the sound quality is stellar, but, why wear a noose? Why not opt for something less attached; why not roam a while, wire-free?

Roaming Free

Lacking wires, you'll be able to move about freely without worry of disconnecting from you headphone jack. This wireless capability is thanks to an innovation called "Bluetooth," a wireless technology utilizing a short-range communications system intended to substitute cables and wires connecting portable and/or fixed electronic devices. With such a technologically-sound invention, the options to weigh and consider are intriguing.

Some obvious advantages with wireless audio:

  • Goodbye, Cables and Unsightly Messes - No longer will you have to deal with cables in connecting to your music playing devices, nor look at a thick mass of wires, plugs and cables. Farewell and good riddance!
  • High Quality Digital Connections - Varying on your wireless audio equipment and headphones, frequencies will differ in quality. But, for the most part, digital connections provide top notch frequencies to link to. Some advanced wireless headphones actually use a technology called Adaptive Frequency Hopping -AFH- which involves the headphones doing the work for you in selecting the best channels; they will search for, find and adapt exclusively to pristine channels.
  • Complete Diversity and Mobility - Whether you'd prefer using wireless headphones for strictly mobile music players or just for at home purposes (such as TV, radio and home theaters), they're the most convenient luxury since sliced bread. Being able to watch TV at home and mute sound for others, to head out for a run around town with music just for your ears or being able to listen to your music player, wherever and whenever, without the struggle of combating with wires, well, it's truly a liberating experience. The options are endless and the mobility limitless.

Don't get tied down by headphone or audio equipment wires anymore. Cut the cord and break free; let your audio experience be fulfilling, not maddening. If you were curious about the options between wired and wireless audio options, specifically pertaining to headphones, you can now choose which option is best suited for you. Choose the noose or get loose.